4 Minutes with Medicare: Broker Mythbusting

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When you enter the world of Medicare it’s easy to get overwhelmed and it would be helpful to have a trusted advisor to guide you through the process. We’re here to set the record straight on the myths vs. facts when it comes to working with a Medicare Consultant and the benefits you can expect when you engage with the knowledgeable Medicare team at Walsh Duffield.

4 Minutes with Medicare: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

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If you’re almost Medicare-eligible, close to retirement, or already enrolled in a Medicare plan, you have probably noticed how popular you have become with your mail carrier.  The constant mailers and mixed messages can be confusing! How do you know what mail is legitimate and important vs. a solicitation?  This video will give you some helpful tips to break through the clutter and help keep yourself protected from scams.

The Power of Prevention: Mitigating Workers’ Comp Risks Through Safety and Best Practices

Presented on: Tuesday, June 27th – 10:00am – 11:00am

Presented by:  Joseph Coniglio – President, OSEA, Inc.

Overview: Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses is essential to protect both employees and businesses from the financial and reputational costs of workers’ compensation claims.  In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of implementing best practices for workplace safety and the benefits of having a comprehensive safety program in place.  We will share recent industry trends and discuss ways to mitigate risk, avoid claims, remain compliant, and ultimately lower workers’ compensation costs.

HSAs and Medicare: The Rights, The Wrongs and The Rules

Presented on: Thursday, June 22nd – 10:00am

Presented by: Paula Venné-Clendening – Benefits Consultant – Medicare/Individual Insurance Plans, Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc. 

Overview: As High Deductible Health Plans paired with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) gain popularity with employers, individuals are benefiting from tax advantages and saving toward future health expenditures with HSAs. However, things can get complicated when Medicare enters the picture, especially as people remain in the workforce well past age 65. This presentation will take a deep look into how Medicare eligibility can affect the ability to contribute to an HSA and strategies to help your employees maximize their contributions while avoiding problems with Medicare down the road.  

The New Normal: Strategic Staffing and Retention Approaches for Employers

Presented on: Tuesday, June 20th – 11:00am
Presented by: Adrienne Schleigh, SHRM-SCP – Senior Director, HR Strategic Placements, HR Works, Inc

Overview: Let’s talk about what the new challenges are in recruitment (as related to what happened in the pandemic), and what employers are doing to attract and retain employees.  We will dig in on compensation reviews, ongoing check-ins, new concepts for benefits (ie. what benefits do employees want), remote/hybrid work (when to offer, what to do when you can’t), and gathering data through employee surveys.

Introduction to the Walsh HR Portal

The Walsh HR Portal provides comprehensive resources in benefits, compliance, recruiting, safety, and more. It centralizes essential information and tools, streamlining processes, and ensuring easy access for HR professionals, enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative burdens. This webinar is a recording of all of the functions our HR portal has to offer!

A Deeper Dive Into The New Experience Rating Plan In New York


Overview: The experience modification number drivers workers’ compensation premiums. New York has decided to withdraw from the current experience rating plan and beginning 10/1/2022, all employers with NY operations will use a new rating formula. In this presentation, Brian Allen, Commercial Insurance Consultant for Walsh Duffield, speaks about the impact the experience modification number has on an employer. He dives into the current rating calculation and then highlights the key changes that this new, NY specific, rating plan will have on an employer.

Demystifying Medicare

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Presented by: Paula Venné, Medicare/Individual Benefits Consultant – Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc.
Tuesday, June 28th – 11am

Overview: Ask your employees the first word that comes to mind when you say, “Medicare” and they will probably answer, “Confusing!” Many Americans work beyond their 65th birthdays, and there are eligibility rules and requirements around Medicare that vary due to factors like the size of your company and HSA participation. In this presentation, Paula Venné, Medicare/Individual Benefits Consultant for Walsh Duffield will take the mystery out of Medicare and provide the guidance you need to make sense of this challenging topic.

Legislative Updates_June 2022

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Presented by: Frank Kerbein, Director, Center for Human Resources – The Business Council of New York State, Inc.
Thursday, June 23rd – 11am

Overview: The last year has continued to bring about enormous change in all aspects, but particularly in employee leave laws.  We’ll look at all the new HR laws and regulations that apply to your company and talk compliance strategies.

Understanding Key Leave Laws in NY (COVID and Beyond)

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Presented by: Jane Kunkel – HR Associate and Laura Lomanto – Leave Administrator – HR Works, Inc.
Tuesday, June 14th – 11am

This session is designed to help participants understand the current landscape of NY leave laws, including when absences related to COVID-19 may be applicable to NY Sick Leave, NY COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave, NY PFL and NY Paid Vaccination Leave.

The presentation covers a brief overview of applicable NY leave laws including:

  • NY Sick Leave
  • NY COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave & Enhanced PFL/DBL Benefits
  • NY Paid Family Leave
  • NY Paid Vaccination Leave
    – Overview of the various rules related to each leave; and
    – Leave Scenarios