About Us

Service From our Family to Yours

Walsh Duffield is more than just an insurance agency. We are a fifth-generation family-owned business that has helped countless families and businesses since 1860, creating a legacy of helping others through both disasters and victories. We take our work seriously.

Though our scope and reach are large, we still think of ourselves as a small business. That means from the everyday occurrence to the bigger challenges, we get the call. We can then put our knowledgeable team, consisting of more than 100 associates with years of extensive experience, into action.

We are proud to be problem solvers who listen, evaluate, and guide you and your family or your business. Walsh Duffield maintains partnerships with some of the strongest and largest insurance carriers in the country, giving us flexibility and the ability to provide national support to our clients as we collaborate on an insurance program. Together, with our partners and customers, we are creating a community that is safe and well.

Serving Western New York
and Beyond

With our roots in Buffalo, NY, we are proud to have three office locations – representing you throughout the Buffalo, Rochester, and Medina areas.

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Buffalo, NY


801 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14203

Walsh Duffield building in Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY


155 Culver Road,
Suite 200,
Rochester, NY 14620

Town of Medina

Medina, NY


534 Main St.
Medina, NY 14103


What’s Happening at Walsh

Our family does business for yours. With our fifth-generation of leadership in place, we feel positive about our future as we continue to grow to better suit your needs.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide insurance solutions that keep you safe and well.

At Walsh Duffield, we provide you with access to the group benefits and insurance products that you or your company may need from the nation’s leading carriers. It is our mission to guide, educate, and advise you on making the best decisions regarding your insurance options as we help manage risk to keep you safe and well.

Our Leadership Team

Our Strategic Partners

Our Vision & Values

By honoring our core values, we have the vision of becoming the preeminent insurance advisor in Upstate New York. At Walsh Duffield, we adhere to these values with every interaction:


 Be honest, open, transparent and above all – do the right thing. 


Respect and celebrate each other’s uniqueness, welcome new perspectives.


Stay curious and embrace challenges to help us exceed our client’s expectations.


Lead with empathy and have compassion for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities.


Prioritize your own physical, mental, and financial health.


Our Roots

160 Years and Counting

The history of Walsh Duffield lends hand to incredible people with incredible visions – and our timeline is still growing.