Preventing Water Damage With New Technology

As your independent insurance agent, we are always looking for ways to do more for you. That’s why as new innovations in home protection become available – like the latest technology to help prevent water damage – we make sure you know about them. That way, you won’t have to worry about leaks or water issues, and can rest assured that your home will be dry and comfortable, even when you’re not there.

Stop water damage before it happens.

Water damage occurs more often in homes than fires or burglaries, and it’s not typically from natural disasters. Most water damage is from leaking or bursting pipes or other plumbing issues throughout the home, often happening when the homeowner is away. The average 2-1/2 bathroom house has 13 plumbing fixtures – including toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, ice makers, and more. As the fixtures age, the likelihood that at least one of them will fail increases.

Many homeowners like you are taking advantage of smart home technologies to prevent water damage. The latest devices include sensors and water shut off valves that automatically detect leaks and shut of your main water supply if necessary, then notify you of the problem.

One such device is the Sentinel Leak Defense System™. Our carrier partner Chubb has done the research for you, and negotiated a 35% discount for their clients, to help them prevent water damage. In addition, you may be eligible to receive up to 8% homeowners’ insurance discount*, because these systems reduce the risk to homes.

What is it and how does it work?

The Leak Defense System™ is a sophisticated water flow monitor and alarm system.  It is designed to detect leaks in water pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances and automatically shut-off the water supply if a leak is detected within the plumbing system of a home.  It monitors water flow 24/7 and time/water flow parameters can be set with a wireless control panel or free mobile app.  The device is customizable and can be calibrated to work with virtually any water-usage scenario.

If continuous water flow exceeds preset limits, an alarm is triggered and a notification is sent to the mobile app, an audible alarm will sound on the control panel and the water supply will shut off automatically.  If the system is connected to a direct or central station alarm, a signal will also be sent to either local emergency response or the alarm monitoring company.

Why is a water leak detection system important?

Homes are 7 times more likely to sustain damage from a plumbing leak than by a fire and 6 times more likely to sustain a loss from a plumbing leak than from being burglarized.  Most homeowners justify the expense of a fire and burglary system, yet most do not have a system that can prevent a more likely cause of a loss!

Water leaks can be invasive, causing damage to floors, walls, cabinets, keepsakes, family artifacts and other belongings. It can also cause mold formation, leading to the need for extensive remediation.

Water loss claims can be very disruptive to your everyday life, often requiring you to leave your home for a significant period of time, so steps that can be taken to prevent and avoid such losses is extremely important.

Ready to protect your home from water damage?

It is important to understand what your homeowner’s policy covers in the instance of water damage, but prevention can help avoid a costly claim! Being a Chubb client can help you obtain important discounts on the Leak Defense System that dramatically reduces the potential of a water loss claim.  Contact us to talk about your existing coverage, and to understand more about your options for this new technology!

Mary Bradley ACSR, CISR, CPIW
Claims Manager – Personal Insurance

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