Fortress Launches New Podcast

ForCast Fortress Podcast

In Case You Missed it: Introducing ForCast

ForCast is a new podcast where dentists, risk managers, defense attorneys, and others share their knowledge and experiences related to what is malpractice insurance, claim defense strategies unique to dentists, closed claim summaries, and malpractice risks. The lessons learned over the last 25+ years defending dentists culminates here to help you forecast what’s in store for you and the dental community.


Featured Episodes

·     Closed Claim Summary: Lack of Informed Consent Compromises the Defense

·     Closed Claim Summary: Wrong Tooth Extraction

·     Common Clauses in Dental Employment Contracts

·     Employment Agreement Clauses and Practice Model Considerations 

·     Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Malpractice Insurance (2 episodes)


New! Interactive, On-Demand Course

Challenging Patient Conversations 

Communication challenges in healthcare have the potential to initiate or escalate patient dissatisfaction, and in some cases, may be the root cause of a medical professional liability claim. This interactive course will highlight universal conversation tips and examples to improve communication with patients.

Topics include:

·     Patient responsibilities and expectations related to implants

·     Treatment of minors

·     Patient selection for treatment and anesthesia

·     Dispute resolution through refunds

Available for 1 CE!Plus earn a 10% premium creditfor one policy period (1 year) upon completion! There are no prerequisites.


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