Protected: WD Employee Information: COVID-19

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We have seen other brokers try to protect their E&O interests by including disclaimer language in any of their written correspondence addressing these questions. Below is suggested wording that might be worth including at the conclusion of your notes back to clients on these topics – feel free to copy and paste:

With all that being said, please note that any of the statements here relating to the potential impact of the coronavirus on your insurance coverage/policies are not legal opinions or guarantees and should not be relied upon as such. Walsh Duffield does not have the authority to render legal advice or to make coverage decisions regarding COVID-19 claims. All claims should be submitted to your insurance carrier(s) in writing for proper evaluation and a coverage determination. Please let us know how we can best assist you with that process should you choose to pursue it.

It is also worth noting that the coronavirus pandemic is a constantly changing situation. Our feedback is based on the facts as Walsh Duffield understands them at this time. It is unknown how recently-enacted, pending or potential future legislation could alter or affect any insurance coverage determinations