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Does Business Insurance Cover The Costs of a Product Recall? 

A well-known food company recalled two brand-name food products after four customers reported finding metal parts in their food. One of the world’s best-selling auto brands faced an airbag recall. And lettuce grown in Arizona caused dozens of illnesses in 35 states. Product recalls like these are often in the news. They’re especially prominent when

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Critical Cyber Exploits Affect Nearly All Computers

The latest in Cyber Security Trends and News  Cybersecurity researchers recently announced the discovery of two major security flaws that could allow hackers to bypass regular security measures and obtain normally inaccessible data. The flaws, referred to as Meltdown and Spectre, are both caused by design flaws found in nearly all modern processors. These vulnerabilities

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The Link Between Workers’ Comp Claims and Increasing Medical Payments

Over the last ten years, the dramatic rise in health insurance premiums has dominated the headlines.  The premium increases are a reflection of the escalating cost of medical services.  In the shadow of the health insurance predicament is the same upward pressure on medical expenses within the Workers’ Compensation system.  On the job injury claims,

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